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Wells used for retail or wholesale water supply, or if well is used by at least 25 individuals at least 60 days out of the year, or combined systems serve 15 or greater.

Submission of TCEQ Approval letter required for public water system.
Wells used by commercial or business establishments for potable or sanitary needs.

Wells used as part of an industrial process or in the manufacturing of a product.
Wells used for lake or pond maintenance, landscape irrigation, golf courses, parks, etc.

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Yes, this permit is intended for groundwater export.
* If yes, you need to request an Export Permit.
Yes, an temporary need for groundwater exists.
Yes, the owner has other wells in the District.
Yes, this will replace an existing well.

- Application Fee $100.00
- Temporary Permit Fee $200.00
- Fees are due within 7 days of submission of application. You will be sent an invoice by email. Mail check or money order to address on invoice. Cash or credit cards are not accepted.