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Wells used in production of food or fiber commodities grown for resale or commercial purposes including wholesale nursery growers and wells used for livestock operations.

Wells on private property that serve no more than four single-family dwellings on the same property or adjoining properties and is used only for domestic use including lawn irrigation and maintenance of ponds for personal use.

Wells used for other exempt uses such as rig supply, wells authorized under a permit issued by the Texas Railroad Commission under Natural Resources Code Chapter 134, wells powered by windmills, or leachate, extraction, injection, relief, dewatering, or monitoring wells that produce less than 5,000 gallons per year.


A well exempt under the District Rules will lose its exempt stratus and the well owner or operator must obtain a permit to continue operating the well if the well is subsequently used for a purpose or a manner that is not exempt under the District Rules. An exemption granted for a rig well that is actively engaged in drilling or exploration operations expires when the oil or gas drilling rig ceases operations or any groundwater is used for hydraulic fracturing on an oil or gas well. The District must be notified once drilling operations have ceased as to the disposition of the well. If the well is plugged, a plugging report must be submitted. 

Yes, the owner has other wells in the District.
Yes, this will replace an existing well.