Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the mission of the BCGCD? 

The mission of the BCGCD is to conserve and protect the groundwater resources of Brazoria County for current users and future generations.

2. Why does Brazoria County need a groundwater conservation district? 

Groundwater is one of Brazoria County's most valuable resources and it is important to the future of the county to be proactive about protecting both the quality and the quantity of this precious resource.

3. What kinds of things will the BCGCD do? 

The BCGD is committed to proactively managing and protecting groundwater resources in Brazoria County. The BCGCD provides several services. It conducts research in groundwater availability, quality, and use in Brazoria County, and develops approaches for addressing any identified issues before they become problems. The BCGCD also conducts public outreach activities to inform county residents about research findings and meetings, and generally to keep them up to date on BCGCD activities.

4. Will the BCGCD be able to tax me?

According to Texas statute, the BCGCD may not impose any property tax, acquire property through eminent domain; acquire land; issue or sell bonds; or purchase, sell transport, or distribute surface water or groundwater. Furthermore, the BCGCD may not tax or collect any kind of fee or require a meter on private water wells used for agricultural or personal use in Brazoria County.

5. Who governs the BCGCD?

The BCGCD is governed by a five-member board of directors elected by the voters. 

6. Why was there an election to confirm the BCGCD?

According to state statute, the temporary board of directors was required to call and hold an election to confirm the establishment of the district and to elect initial directors. One director was elected by the voters of the entire district and one director was elected from each county commissioner's precinct by the voters of that precinct.

7. Who is eligible to be a director of the BCGCD?

If you are a registered voter in Brazoria County, you are eligible to be a director at large. To be a candidate for director from a county commissioner's precinct, you must be a registered voter of that precinct.

8. How will BCGCD directors be elected after the confirmation election?

After the confirmation election, the directors will be elected to serve staggered four-year terms.

9. How can I find out more about what the BCGCD is doing?

The BCGCD will publish meeting notes, research findings, geographic information system (GIS) maps, and many other types of information on this web site.

10. Will there be a fee for the BCGCD?

The BCGCD is allowed to charge a small fee to certain groundwater users—only industry and others who obtain groundwater from public water systems (e.g., municipalities). For the average residential user, this will likely amount to less than the cost of buying one small bottled water at the grocery story every two months.