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Well Registration/Permit Application

Below are the stipulations for exemption status which can be found in section 3.4 of the District Rules.

If you are qualified for exemption status, please register your well(s) by submitting the "Well Registration" form below; otherwise please complete the "Well Permit Application" below.



Well owners or operators are not required to have a permit to drill or operate a well for the following uses:

  1. a new or existing water well on private property that serves no more than four single-family dwellings on the same property or adjoining properties and the groundwater is used only for domestic use;
  2. a new or existing water well used only for agriculture;
  3. one new or existing water well on private property drilled, completed, or equipped so that it is incapable of producing more than 25,000 gallons of groundwater a day and used solely for domestic use or for providing water for livestock or poultry if the well is located or to be located on a tract of land larger than 10 acres;
  4. a well used solely to supply water for a rig that is actively engaged in drilling or exploration operations for an oil or gas well permitted by the Railroad Commission of Texas provided that the person holding the Railroad Commission permit is responsible for drilling and operating the water well and the water well is located on the same lease or field associated with the drilling rig;
  5. a water well authorized under a permit issued by the Railroad Commission of Texas under Natural Resources Code Chapter 134, and to the extent the withdrawals are required for mining activities specified in the Railroad Commission permit, regardless of any subsequent use of the water;
  6. wells powered by windmills or hand pumps;
  7. leachate wells, extraction wells, injection wells, relief wells, dewatering wells, and monitoring wells that produce less than 5,000 gallons per year.